Cute Weather Clipart for Rainy Days.

Here is my cute wether clipart set and some weather digital stamps for grey, rainy days.

I have been working on more clipart recently. We had a beautiful autumn in September, and the colors were pretty magical. However, November and October have been pretty awful. It’s dark, cold, windy, and rainy.

I wasn’t the biggest fan autumn fan on the “Golden Polish Autumn”, but I loved the colors. The Norwegian one is much, much worse. I go to work while it’s still dark, and when I get back home, it’s dark again. Grey, grey, grey…

I try to surround myself with light and colors and focus on my most colorful projects.

The sents contain autumn, wither, spring and summer illustrations, with stars, moon, sun, wind, snowflakes, clouds, flowers and characters dressed for various seasons.

Cute weather clipart – set 1:

cute weather clipart Cute weather clipart- set 2:cute weather clipart

All these pictures are also available as digital stamps at my Etsy Shop, as high-resolution PNG / JPG files, that can be used both in commercial and personal projects.

Cute weather digital stamps:

The first set includes stars, rainbow, clouds, umbrellas, sun, moon, and may be used in various rainy and autumn themes.

weather digital stamps
Cute weather – digital stamps:
cute weather digital stamps

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