Focusing on digital stamps – Cute Mermaids are here!

mermaid digital stamps natalia szrejder- bruczko

I’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with different styles, lines, and tools, and today I would like to show you my new set of cute mermaids.

I used Sketchbook Pro and some good, old, no – photo blue pencils combined with my favorite 2b mechanical pencil, which I absolutely love.

Here are the results: some fresh, new designs that may be used in all kinds of cards design, handmade projects, and as clip-art.

Cute Mermaids – SVG and PNG files

My digital stamps are available both as PNG and SVG files. It  means that you may make them as huge as you like, without compromising the quality (and this is what I really like about the SVG files).

PNG files are 300 dpi, which means that they will look great when printed.

Both SVGs and PNGs are transparent and may be printed on any kind of paper and color. You are limited only by your imagination. You may as well use them as coloring pages while reading the story with your child – pictures are big and clean, so a toddler should have no problems with coloring them.

Cute Mermaids – more about the set

The set contains 5 characters ( 4 girls and a boy) and 10 complementary pictures that may be used to create your own designs.

As always, you may download it at once from my Etsy Shop. Please read my Angel Policy to learn more about both the commercial and non-profit use of my designs.

Feel more than welcome to send me the photos of your cards, and please remember that I will be more than happy to show them on my website with a link to your blog!

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