Natalia Szrejder-Bruczko: mom, wife, illustrator, artist, designer, author and teacher.

natalia szrejder-bruczko illustration

  • believes in magic,
  • dances a lot,
  • practices yoga,
  • chants mantras,
  • draws cartoons,
  • loves taking photos,
  • drinks coffee with coconut oil,
  • reads fairy-tales,
  • writes children books
  • keeps a bullet  journal
  • loves playing board games,
  • tries to be as creative as possible.

This website is my little portfolio.

Hope you like it!

You may find my other projects and pictures here:

natalia szrejder-bruczko illustration

My Etsy Shop – you’ll find my digital clipart, digital stamps, coloring pages, clipart for teachers, preschool printables, planners and other creative products here.

enchantedschool.com – resources for teachers, parents, educators, and everyone involved in the wonderful process of teaching. My previous project, starrla.net (involves Lucky Stars, Shooting Stars and lots of Stardust – beautiful stories about magic, faith, personal strength, love, friendship, and happiness) was recently moved to the Enchanted School. The stories are going to reappear there very soon.

eventyrskolen.com – pedagogiske ressurser for barnehager, barneskole og sfo – lek og språkaktiviteter. 

bajkowaszkola.pl – strona materiałami po polsku – zadania, inspiracje i pomysły na zabawy i naukę z maluchem w wieku przedszkolnym i wczesnoszkolnym. Materiały i inspiracje dla nauczycieli nauczania przedszkolnego i wczesnoszkolnego. 

mamaczarodziejka.pl – w przygotowaniunatalia szrejder-bruczko illustration

blissfulmom.net – under construction. One of my old projects, developedia.eu is being moved here with the main topics, such as the law of attraction, magic, affirmations, goals, success principles, productivity tips, magic, psychology, the power of the subconscious, lucid dreaming, meditation, personal development, manifesting miracles, etc.

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