I am very happy for you to use any of my designs to produce handmade items that you make yourself. Please read my Angel Policy before purchasing any f the products.

NON-PROFIT/PERSONAL USAGEnatalia szrejder-bruczko

You can use my graphics on any personal project as long as no money/profit is made.

You are permitted to sell those handmade items, either to sell personally or as part of a small business with a maximum of 1000 items.

By purchasing one of my digital products you are purchasing the right to use it in that format, and that format ONLY.


  • merge digital images for personal use. Sharing or selling altered images is not allowed.
  • share my designs as prints with your students if you run a small class/workshop. Sharing digital files is not allowed.
  • use my designs with your cutting machine for your personal use. You are not allowed to copy, share or sell cut files created with my designs.


  • sell, share, copy or duplicate any design to a third party. This includes sharing with family and friends unless you have my written permission,
  • allow others to copy any of my designs to any secondary device,
  • share any of my designs online,
  • create kits that include my designs,
  • or use my pictures as/in logos, or marketing materials of any kind.


You must link back to or to my website:

You may write for example graphics by ©Natalia Szrejder-Bruczko

Each license allows for up to a maximum of 1000 items each and please contact me for quantities exceeding 1000 items.

You cannot share these graphics for free and you cannot redistribute these images as clipart.

Please contact me if you have any questions and would like to discuss other options or if you are interested in licensing/using my designs as a logo or for quantities exceeding 1000 items.


Copyrighted Image